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Monday, August 28, 2006

Education and Technology

Technology affects your education in many ways. Technology for example cell phones, computers, I pods , e.t.c. they affect your education in the way of , changing the way of thinking , act and dress, cause all of those television programs. Also in the internet there is a lot of pornography. Also it can affect your eyes because you will get so use to it that you will be using it all the time. Also the people instead of finding an encyclopedia and learning they just find it in the computer faster than 40 sec.

My expectations for creating my own blog are: I will put a lot of decorations, a lot of drawings, required information. I will give my page to a lot of people. I will also be very careful in grammars errors, capital letters and punctuation. Because I know that a lot of people are going to see it, I will take some ideas from Mr. Hide cause is very enthusiastic. I expect you like it a lot, it will be very cool!!!!


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Margui said...

Hello Suad, I wander why you did a post with many many bads things about technology. I personaly think that the internet is very usefull for learning. Although you should be carefull for those pornografy and things like that that you think are bad, well tehy really are bad but if you whant to see them youwill not do nothing buet if you really think it is abd thing just download an "antivirus", Cell pnohes are used for calculators, Well I-pods, that is not so usefull but steel it has not to much affect in your education! My personal clonclusion is that I desagree with your post. I really think that the technology has avery important part in our education.


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