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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Princess Diary 2

The best movie I have seen is called The Princess Diary 2. That movie is really fun .That movie makes me feel very good. I think that movie tries to tell that everybody has an inner princess, and that it doesn’t matter that you are not the beautiful girl of the world you can be a princess.

This story is about a girl that was called Mia. Her grandmother Clarisse was the queen of Genovia and she told her that she will be the princess of Genovia. When she came to Genovia she knew that there were other men that wanted to be the king of Genovia. The parliament says that unmarried women cant accede to the throne. They were finding someone that accept to marry Mia for she could be queen. Nicolas the other on that also wanted to be queen was trying to conquest her. She tried to show that she dint like him but she did.
They got in love. After two days of the weeding of Mia with Andrew that was the one she choose. She went with Nicolas to stay together one night. At the morning she saw a man with a camera. She immediately thought that Nicolas planed that and run away. It was the day of the weeding and the master told her that it wasn’t Nicolas who prepared the video was the uncle Rupert who did it. Finally she didn't marry, she talked with the people of Genovia and they accepted her as there queen with out a husband.


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