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Monday, October 02, 2006

{{{{{Problems and solutions}}}}}}}

Usually when I have a problem I deal with it really calmly. The first thing I try to do is to solve it. In cases really urgent, I try to solve them really fast and with accurate solutions, but in problems more severe, I just do it calmly. First I try to form plan, next I try to call people to help me and to do it all as a team. Usually I am does kind of person who has very good strategies. I usually when I get really mad I ignore people to avoid saying things that I will regret later, or it might offend them. Or sometimes I just yell but without insulting anybody

One day, I was in a basketball game. The coach Fernando was planning the strategies with the captain. Then he came toward us to tell us the instructions we all listen at it, and the game started. He put Margarita, Lupita, Christina, Suad, and me. We were playing and the other team scored a point. I was really frustrated. Also I felt very impotent because I couldn’t do anything but scored a point. We started the second time. Christina took the ball passed it to me and I went running alone with the ball. All of my team players started shouting pass the ball, pass the ball! I dint pass it and they took it of my hands. Next they scored another point.

The game was finally ended. My coach and my team players were very disappointed to me. I feel really bad I was almost to cry. I wanted to tell them sorry, but I feel shy and scared. Then everybody was going and I called them and I told them my situation what I felt in that moment. I told them I would not do it again and I apologize. They told me that I dint matter and the next time to work a little harder.


At 7:10 PM, Blogger Paulina A. said...

This made me think that all the people should face problems calmly and get to an agreement. If you get desperate and go crazy you will not solve anything.


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