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Monday, January 15, 2007


Hi my name is Suad Y. I study in cojowa abreviation for colegio jorge washington .Co stands for “colegio” Jo stands for jorge and Wa stands for washington. My favorite sport is soccer.I am in cojowas team , and i am number 25. my favorite hoobbies are: hang out with my friends, stay at home with all my family and see a movie eating popcorns, and play soccer. I am a 12 years old girl but soon I will turn into 13. my favorite thing to do is to sleep in a rainy day in the morning. I live in cartagena, colombia and i think that is the best city that all colombia has. And it has everyhing that you ask for.My favorite subjects are math and social studies. I like math because is all about with numbers and i am really good at that. Also i enjoy alot that class because Ms. Hall make it really interesting.social studies because is really cool and interesting and i like t learn about the world. Also because Mr.Hide explain us in lots of details and we learn more.

One issue i am concerned about is alcohol and cigar. Almost 95 percent of the teenagers are consuming are consuming alcohol and cigar just because they think that is the fashion. They bacically do it because they think they look important and more cute that they are. Welll just to tell you guys you look terrible. You just look disgusting when you get drunk is just terrible. But also adults are not giving us the best model. Daily a see a mini,un wh is Monday, Tuesday, wednseday, or Thursday a see aminimun of to peoplwith a beer in his hand and 25 people with a cigar in his hand. When is Friday or Saturday i better dont want to say how many peopplei see drunk a and with a cigar in there hands. And how we are in several years cigar and alcohol will be as normal as drinking water.

Another issue that has been very important to the world but at the same time has affected many people is technology.technology has been good in the way that things can be done better and faster. You dont need to do much work, and things are easier. But it has been bad in the way that some people are staying without work because Machinary things has been created.

Another issue i am concerned about is shrinking. I am really worried that Cartagena can shrink because we are at the sea level. An as we know because of global warming the ice are melting and the sea level is growing. If you notice everything is a circle . look, if you see all that polution that the car exhale. That smoke gets up to the ozone layer. Then ozone holes are created. Then the sun penetrate the earth and ice get melted they form into water see level gets bigger and we shrink. I thinwe should work harder to make better this little mistakes. Because the world is really beautifull and why having those black dots if they are not necessary.


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