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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Math is everything that has to do with adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing algebra e.t.c. math is very important to know in life. The more important subject, of english, social studies , science , math , for me is math because math is used in almost all the carrers. Math is the ability to solve numbers. In life you need math wether in school, university, at work, at home, and all those stuff.

Math is my favorite subject in school. Maybe it is because I have a very good ability to get things fast.when I am in math classes I am really happy, even though sometimes I get frustraded because I dont understand things. Math is not a boring class , we are even learning, talking with Miss. Hall, or doing some work. Learning in many ways for example board games, Ms. Hall talking or something like that.

One of the thing (beside the subject) that I most like is the teacher Ms.Hall. Ms.Hall is a very funny teacher. She makes the classes happier and more fun. Everytime a student is in a bad mode she tries to make him feel very good. Even though some times we make her be in a bad mode she knows how to control us. Something she likes to hear a lot is Juan Manuels animal noices.sometimes she is really strange she those things that arent normal. She likes when the class has good attitude. She hates when someone dosent understand and dosent have a good attitude to learn. Also she dosent like when people start winning because they dont want to learn or do work. I love when she imitates us wining .

A very good experience that I had, was this year. I really like the theme we were doing because we did it last year. Also it was very easy. This year i had improve my grades and my behavior in math. I feel better because I know I am doing well and that I am not stressing anybody.

Another very good experience I had was in first grade. I really like my classes because they were really easy. I remember they put us worksheets to do that were like they put a number and you needed to shadow the bananas something like that. It was really cool, and since were in 1st grade we just did adding and subtracting.that was really easy.

Well, having bad experiences in math is really strange for me. I just get problems in math when I dont understand something or when I am frustraded. I really hate that moment that I am not in a good mode and they talk to me and I dont understand a thing. Sometimes I like to cry because I get really angry and I dont know what to do. Another thing that gets me really angry is when I am in a test and 5 minutes after I knew all and in the test I completely forgot everything, thats really a pain in your head. Or when you simply dont want to do work and you need to do it. Also when you have a homework and you understand it perfectly in class but when you are doing the homework you forgot how to do it that is really stressfull.

2In conclusion i really like math. I like the subject the teacher everything it is realy cool. Is not of those classes that you say like ohh, I have math what boring, no, is one of those classes that we say like we have math!also I really like the themes we are having now because we had them last year and it is a piece of cake. Also I really like the characters Ms. Hall uses in her classes that are Billy and Betsy, they are really funny. Ms. Hall we will never forget you for the word “logical”... jejeje....


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