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Saturday, October 28, 2006

♥...Trip to Bogota..♥

Finally we heard the voice of girl: “welcome to Bogotá”. I was really exited because I was going to see Melissa. It was really cold and it was raining a little bit. Melissa was waiting for us. We took our backpack and we were going outside. When we saw each other we both were much exited we hugged and then my mom hugged her too. Melissa was taking while we waited inside because it was raining and she had an umbrella. He took it and we went inside. When we went to the apartment and I saw it was really nice. I slept for 10 minutes while Melissa was preparing us some food. After I woke up and we ate the food we were deciding what to do. As always my Melissa said, “I want to go to Atlantis.”carolina said, “no! What a boring thing I want to go to Unicentro, And mom last time we came we dint have time to go there and we went like three times to Atlantis”. Marta said, “okay Carolina this problem is between you and you sister and don’t have anything to do with this”. Melissa said, hey Caro lets go first to Atlantis is that I need to buy a new outfit. I felt really angry inside, she always had to buy a new outfit and the worst of all is that I new she will convince my mom and make her to buy her outfit. Carolina said, oh my god! Look your closet you have spectacular clothe; even you have more than my mom and me together. Melissa said, but I already put all my cloth is bored to put the same thing always.Carolina got angrier because Melissa was one of those girls who dint care of others she only wants that everybody is at her service. Then Carolina said, “clothe is for many use not for one use. I will like you to be a poor girl, I will pay I million dollars to know what you will do in does circumstances.” Melissa never listen Carolina because she was the youngest and for addition she never listen.

After all, my mom got kind of bord and said, “ okay carolina lets go first to the atlantis and tomorow we go to unicentro”. At first I dint wanted but then I think about it, that in atlantis there are tons of shopping stores were I can buy tons of cloth. And by the way i dint wanted to fight with my sister so.

In conclusion we first went to Atlantis and we had a very good time. We want to the park there and I played dance revolution. Then we ate some food in MacDonald’s, and then we went home. At the next day we woke up and went immediately to Unicentro. I bought a new outfit and my mom gave an ice cream. It was very cool!


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Suadi..... said...

mrhide i couldnt post my fdree post

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Isa M. said...

Suad your blog reminded me of a day that we didn't know whta we were going to do and we went neither of those places but to another.I think you passed a great time in Bogota.Hopefully someday we will all go together to Unicentro and atlantis to shop.


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