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Sunday, October 29, 2006


What gets you inspired?dreaming! Dreaming gets you inspired. Everyday you have a dream specially whn you are sleeping, thinking, or reflecting. Come and lets see our happy and funny dreams.

Sleeping dreams are the best. Can you imagine, one day I dream about being in a zoo so I gave a mango seed to an elephant and he slourp my hand. Another one is that I was in my room and I man jumped into my room by the window and took me to his house. That one was the scariest.

Have you ever notice that everytime you are reflecting you finish dreaming? Yes! Dont worry thats completely normal. Always i start reflecting like, why I kick the table. And if the table would be biguer. What would happen? I will need to go to the doctor, my feet would be as fat as an elephant , and it will be a big pain. What a painfull dream, I had better dreams like thinking dreams.

Thinking dreams makes to get inspired. Have you ever get your eyes stuck in a black dot?yes, thats very fun when you start looking at it you dream like if you would have the ability to fly with the birds and all that. One day I dream about having my own special car and my own horse that travls me throughout the sky. Thats crazy uh?

Sometimes I just start asking me , do I am crazy? No. Thats what dreams are about. Continue dreaming that one day all your dreams will become true.


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