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Monday, October 30, 2006

Monsters Due On Maple Street

The meaning of the closing paragraph is the following one. The aliens were telling that the people were picking the most dangerous enemy they can find and its themselves. That means that the people are killing themselves. Also they are saying that the only thing the aliens need to do is sit and watch. The aliens just caused a harm and the people just start saving there skin and blaming everybody, so they will get to a point that they will kill themselves. The message is that the people are finding the worst enemy and its themselves. That means that don’t blame people to save your skin.

I think the message was very significant in the play. First because all people were just saving there skin and blaming people who were innocent. They were killing themselves. Which instead they could solve there problem without blaming nobody and solving it in a pacific way. This problem usually occurs daily, for example on Mariana’s space they wrote a very bad message. It says lots of bad things about her. A girl (that I dint want to say name) started blaming me and telling everybody it was me. She did it for the purpose that everybody thought it was me and nobody think it was her s that means she wanted to save her skin by blaming an innocent person.

To make the story more believers the scientist can invent that they are seeing a black dot coming closer, and closer until they saw a spacecraft. So they can say the lights went off and people were getting crazy and all those stuffs. I will make the change that instead doing t in a city doing it in the whole world. Also because now is this time there is so much technology it will be better if they cut the lights of Electrolux. And that will emphasize when the author said that they are finding the worst enemy and it’s themselves.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Paulina A. said...

Suad, I think that dreaming is very important to your health. It makes your brain work still while you are sleeping. I agree that if you keep dreaming, your dreams will come true.


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