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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

""Causes and Effects of smoking""

I got some information from a web page called Teens Health. Smoking is a big problem for people and teenagers. Smoking can cause a lot of diseases like cancer, heart disease and emphysema. When a person begins to smoke they spend a lot of money buying cigarettes. Maybe they could spend millions of dolars because they buy a lot of cigarettes. When they start for their first time to smoke, as time passes they would not left it becuase of addiction. Smoking is really hard to break, for example tobacco has nicotine which is a drug that makes people addicted to it. Also heroine is another dangerous drug that your body gets from tobacco so you get to use it just to feel normal.

The majority of the people start smoking before they are 18 years old. Some of them smoke because they think they can look older. They really don’t look older they look like pathetic teens with yellow teeth and inmature personality. Others start smoking because they think they get relax. It is completely the opposite because the heart bits faster than normal. Others start smoking because their friends do it and because they think they look cool. Other people do it to feel rebellious. Almost all the time is because they have problems with their families or their sorroundings. Also some people specially girls start smoking because they think they will loose weight. The illness like lung disease and cancer make you loose weight. Also another reason why people smoke is because their family members do it. In the past years doctors sometimes had acepted cigarettes, they said that it was good for relaxing so this made fathers tell their sons that it wasn’t too bad. People think that smoking gives them elegance, sophisticated personalities, and make them cool. All of these are wrong because what smoking makes is to put people in a bad physical mode.

I think people are really dumb by wasting the money buying cigarettes which the only thing cigarettes will cause is harm. Also for what reason tasting it if you all know that the only thing this cause is harm and if you taste it the most possible thing that will happen is that you will get addicted because of the nicotine. I think smoking is the one of the biggest problems that the world is suffering. What worries me is that smoking is not just affecting the people that do it, it also affects the whole world, and because when you smoke the smoke gets to the atmosphere then to the ozone layer and makes the ozone holes. Teenagers are the future of the world and they are destroying the future. Its horrible.

Do you really think somebody looks cool with a cigarette in its hand? I dont think so, I think it looks completely pathetic. I think people who are younger of 18 years are still “babies”. It isn’t still in the university. That means they still depend on their parents. Smoking is not the best way to make your pants fit. While you make your pants fit you will make harm to your lungs. Also I think that if your family is not giving the best example you should not pay attention to them. The best thing you could do is to follow the examples that your school gives to you.

My path leads to a point wich is very important in our lifes. I will want to now how smoking in teens affects their lungs if they are so young. Also how many years you will loose from your life if you smoke before you are 18 years old.


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