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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Do you think alcohol and drugs are necessary in your daily life?

Hi dodes! I am suad yidios from Mr.Hide class, and Cartagena. I am very glad of all those questions you had post. They are really interesting to investigate. Today I am talking about two very interestings themes. I am talking about alcohol and cigarret. I expect you really pay attention to this because is better to listen than to ignore things.

Here in cartagena we are suffering serius problems with alcohol. Alcohol is a drink that gets you adicted. It is something that people consume if they are sad , group pression, , or because you are in a meeting and they give you a drink.When you consume alcohol because you are sad that is very bad. You are consumig somethin that is not definitly good for your body just because you feel bad. If you dont know, that makes you feel more sad because you are more sensible. Alcohol is not the best way that you can feel better. The most pathetic reason theat you drink alcohol is because group pression. Do yuo drink alcohol ( something that is harmfull for you health) just to be cool? No! You are coo because you are fun, good friend , comprensive. Not because you drink alcohol. I dont think is very nice of some of you who tell to your “friends” , if you dont drink alcohol you are not in our group. Oh my god that is completely pathetic! Instead of doing that you should say: good job dont drink this will be very harmfull for your health. If it is because you are in a meeting, is not so bad because you are not drinking it because you like it. You are drinking it for education . i think we you drink in a meeting that could be called social drinks. They are still bad because is alcohol but not as bad as other reasons.

Cigarret is a very serios problem in the world. Cigarret is an addiction. When you consume cigarret is because you want to try it or it is that your body asks for it because is all ready use to it. When you want to try it, is mainly because your friends do it. When your body asks for it is now a serious problem because is difficult to leave it because you are just to it. People sometimes smoke 1 package daily and for them is nothing. Cigarret produces cancer and you can die. Cigarret is not only affecting your health. Is affecting your entire world. Dont you that lots of people smoke , because they like , their body ask for it, or they just think it is the style. All that smokes collects and gets up to the ozone layer. It starts making ozone holes, then the sun will penetrate more and will start melting the ice. The water level will get higher and we will end up sinking. Everybody says like one cigarret will not affect. That is what everyone says , and anybody cares.

Well , I expect you learn a little about this, and you dont do inappropiate things. Alcohol and drugs is not needed. Just dont do it. It wiil not give you benefitsit will just cause you problems and problems to the whole world. Because dont think that it just affects you. It affects the whole world!


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