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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

...Things to do in Cartagena...

Hi, I am Suad Y. from Cartagena, Colombia. Here you will find the answer of many questions they had post me. Hi my favorite I like to hang here in Cartagena are several places. One of them is in the campito. There I was almost all the thirteen to fifteen years old meet. There we can eat pizza and the have a very good dessert that it can’t be a cookie, an ice cream, and brownie with ice-cream. We go to the campito, or we stay there talking with our friends.

Also we can go to see movies. Since Cartagena is little, in the part of Boca Grande and Castillo Grande we usually no each other. Almost all of us like the same movies. So when there is an interesting movie the theater is really full. Instead just older people go. After we finish watching the movie, we go to eat to Mc Donald that is really close.
Another cool place to go is to MacDonald. MacDonald is a fast food restaurant. The sell a variety of. For example hamburger, nuggets and delicious dessert. We sometimes go there on Fridays.

Another cool place is when we hang out in the house of a friend. We usually go to a house of a friend. In there we goof around, we talk, or we see a movie. While watching the movie we eat popcorns or some potato chips.

Something really cool are when we do sleepovers. We do a set of game really interesting and cool. Then we mess around with our friends. Also we watch a movie. And while doing that we laugh and lots of things.

Another thing that is very cool to do in Cartagena is to go to parties. In parties we dance whether alone or with your friends and boys, it’s really cool. Also people of your school go without being invited but obviously you know them, and it’s really cool. In parties, we also do games that consist in the one who most dance. That is really cool because you get really exited if you win, but if not you still participated.

One of the most things I love to do in Cartagena is to go to the beach. The beach is really cool. In there you have a lot of things to do you could play soccer and volleyball. You can dive. You do massage because there are girls who offer a massage and you pay money. You could a series of fun and interesting things.

Also is really cool to go to the pool. There you can do lots of games like Marco polo, sleepy shark, color of shark, the one who resists more inside the pool and more. We also get relax you don’t have stress. You talk with your friends and all does stuff.

Well I expect you enjoy all the things you can do in Cartagena. Let’s see if that will motivate you to come and to do this all fun things. Post me comments, bye.


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