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Monday, October 09, 2006

...Wonderfull holiday...

This week mrhide assigned us a post about commas. We will need to describe the nightmare holiday. This theme is related to the thing we are doing in English I think this will help us a lot because we will need to write about commas in series that are : modifiers, phrases, and independent clauses. Others are prepositional phrases, participial phrases and interjection. I think this assigment will help us alot because we will get acustome to use commas more frecuently.

Last year I had a wonderful holiday. It was a Monday, March, 11. Catalina, Isabella, and Isabel invite me to a zoo were we will see tons of different type of animals. (1)They had different way of being so some were savage, sweet, and scary. In the zoo we ate(2)hot dog, potato chips and ice cream.(3)Then we went through the zoo by walking, running, and some bicicles you rented there if you dint wanted to walk.(4)There I walked, I played, and I run.

(5)Then we were there and besidea stool, we found a dead rat. Catalina called her mom to pick us up. (6)We were really tired, but we continued walking. Then while we were going outside the zoo we meet a japonesse that told us a little bit about his country. Then we heard the horn of the car and we went out.(7)we entered the car and She told us "did you saw all the animals of the zoo" and we told her "yes, we did". Then Catalina invited us to her house to sleep and so we did.

(2)=commas in series
(4)=independent clauses
(5)=prepositional phrases
(6)=participial phrases


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