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Saturday, October 14, 2006

My lost cellphone...

It was a Monday and Margarita called Natalia and me to go skating.we all went to her house and we prepared. Then Margui called her mom to ask permission if she can go skating and she told yes.

We went and we were skating. There we maked races of skating and I allways won. There we mwt Juliana and Sara. They were walking because they were going to the house of Maria Paulina.we sat in one of those benches and talked a little bit. Then we were skating and we were very thirsty so we stopped and drinked some water

It was like 6:00 pm, so we went to a market that was beside my house. There we ate an ice cream and natalia and also bought a pony malta. We sta there and we started talking about soccer teams and everyone liked barsa. While we were going to the house of Margui I touched my pocket and my cellphone wasent there, i was really worried. I went urgently to the market and it wasent there. I skate through all the “paseo pateonal” and it wasent there. Then Margui and Nati went to there houses, so I did. I told my father and he told that okay what was he was going to do but, he would not buy a expensive cellphone anymore. (Thats what he told in that moment!)


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