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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

...Effects of smoking...

I got some information from a web called Teens health. You don’t have physical reasons to smoke. Your body doesn’t need tobacco like it will need water, food, exercise and sleep. The body's smart and it goes on the defense when it's being poisoned. For these reason people need to try smoking many times to get started smoking. First smokers feel like a pain or a burn in there throat. Others feel sick and wanting to throw up.

The consequences of these poisoning happens gradually. Over the long time of smoking this causes people to have serious health problems like cancer , emphysema, and lung disease and organ damage. These diseases strict a person to be normal active as other who doesn't smoke. Each time you smoke a cigarette or a tobacco you will get 5 to 12 minutes of your life.

Here we have an example of a healthy lung tissue and a diseased lung tissue.

Smoker not only put there teeth yellow, they also decrease bones weight and increase running the risk of having osteoporosis. is a condition that causes older people bones to break apart easily. Smokers are also less active than non-smoker because smoking affects lungs power. Also smoking can cause fertility problems between man and women.

Many teenagers aren't aware of the problems beg problems that smoking causes. They may think it would not cause so much damage, but it yes. Here we have some problems smoking can cause:

Bad skin: since smoking cause a lot of damage, one of them is that you will have less blood in your body. So that will make your skin color pale.

Bad breath: cigarette will maintain you with bad breath all the time. That is a reason why people eat a lot of trident white gum, because it gives a better breath.

Bad smelling clothe and hair: the smoke smelling tends to stick on your body. That doesn’t lives only on your clothe. Also on your hair, car, furniture and everywhere you smoke. The smell of smoke is really hard to get off.

Reduced athletic performance: people who smoke usually can’t compete with people who don’t smoke because physical effects of smoking.

Increased risk of illness: studies say that people who smoke get more bronchitis, fever, colds and disease. People with certain health conditions like asthma get sicker if they smoke. Teens who smoke get their body lack of nutrients they need in order to grow, develop, and fight of illness properly.

I think that if you know that smoking affects your health why consuming it. If you get to smoke a lot you will get serious health problems like emphysema and cancer. Also those serious health problems would not only affect you, it will also affect your family because you run a huge risk of dying. So you need to think in your family too. If you smoke also you are not going to be as active as a normal person. Do you want to have your lungs like the one shown?

Also I don’t think someone will like you if they see you with a cigarette in there hand. Besides that your teeth will be yellow. Also your hair will smell horrible and you will have bad breath. And when someone enters your car it will smell cigarette. I really don’t recommend you to smoke, you will not have benefits, and you will have bad things.

I will want to know about in how many time you will get lung disease. How those it affects to your lungs And smelling the smoke that the cigarette exhales, and you breath.


At 4:24 AM, Blogger miki said...

Hi! I am Miki from Mr.R’s class, and I am going to work with you on Teenager’s smoking in teen life project. I have read your posts and they are all well-written!! Images that you have posted on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 had impacts, and information you have posted are very effective (smokers would be very scared to know them) to persuade people to stop smoking. I think you have done a great job, and thank you for sharing this information with us!!


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