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Monday, March 26, 2007

I feel like seeing the scenery of a movie called The Man in Fire. Laura and Ray the main characters meet in the boat, and they end kissing. Also it reminds me like when I was in the Grammy awards India Catalina, the song they put when they had propagandas.

I feel in Egypt were I there is man who is playing guitar and we give them money. Also it makes me think like if I was in a presentation were two Mexicans are dancing like there Mexican way. Also it makes me think like if I woke up with a friend in the woods and we find a big and delicious buffet with spectacular dresses to put on. Also I feel like if I was in a becerrada and a lot of people drinking and dancing. I feel like dancing in my room, and really happy, like if that day something good happen. I feel really happy right now and I want to dance. Also it reminds me an episode of Tom and Jerry, were there are two Mexicans. Is a very enthusiastic song that it makes you think of very funny and good times you had past. The first idea I got to my mind with that song was dancing, because it a very good song to dance.

It reminds me of a man singing really inspirited. Also it reminds me of an Arabian. A man playing the piano in his house. It reminds me of a drunken man with a bear in his hand in the market drinking bear and that is really drunk. And that man is drinking. A man that gets lost in the forest and he is with his friend the tiger and they are singing for one day the find there way home. Two drunken animals are in the forest singing and lay in the grass.


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