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Saturday, March 03, 2007

...It what ways does friends can affect you...

To increase my knowledge about smoking i have visited a page were you alot of information about smoking. This page offers you information of lost of things for example, your body, your school, sports. Friends , sex, danger, family, health, emotions, and more. I got all of this from a page called teen growth.Click on the link above and you will know about it.

all people knows thatn smoking is really bad for. You hear it everywhere. Your parents are telling it to you all the time, your school even has progams that teach about that. You can go to a page of smoking in internet and everything you will se is bad things and people tell it to you.

Smoking can affect you growing. Even now or when you were in your mothers stomach.if your mother smoked will you wshe was pregnant that will affect you growing and you will have health problems while you grow. Also you will not have the normal weight a baby should have.

You know that some reasons that people smoke is because they want to get thiner. That means that cigarret helps you to get weight loss. And during your adolescence you will gain tiredness, and you will not be normal active as a adolescence who dosent smoke. That will also produce respiratory infections and your lungs will not receive the oxygen that your growing cells receive.

As i allready told you smoking stricts your growing. Even if your bones are allready grown. Smoking the only things that causes are bad things. They dont give you any benfit. So everybedy that see smoking make them to stop because is not good at all. If you know, if somebody is smoking around you , you will be also affected because you are breathing he smoke and that is affecting your health also. If someone that you considered a true friend smokes with you, is not really a good friend. First because is affecting you and your health. And second because seeing your friend doing that can make you to want to taste it. And once you have taste it is really hard to get rid of it because of the nicotine.

I really think that friends are the major influence that makes you to do the wrong thing. Sometimes you think your friends are the best of the best. But some of the arent really. A friend who makes taste ciagarret or tobacco, is definitelya a good friend. Is a friend who dosent cares about you and your health. A friend that smoke when you are there without geting far away is either someone who do not know the consequences or they still dont care. A real friend is someone who dosent do bad things in front of you or makes you to do bad things. A real friend is some who dosent let you do bad things. I think that the only persons that will allways tell you the truth and what is going to be that best for you is your family. They will never make you do the wrong thing, the thing is that some teenagers dont care what they say ( because is to boring) and they just care the things hat there bad influence friends tell them that are the best of the best.

I think i allready had a good information of smoking in teenagers. Well I dont know everything about it. But the neccesary for me to know. I hope this will help you o get a little bit o consience to stop smoking or not to smoke.


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