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Friday, March 23, 2007

...Teen Life Project....

Well, I think teen life project was very interesting because we got to learn more about themes we wanted to know about, and what is happening in the world. Also because we get to learn more about the variety of things we need to get to work on.

Recall, teen life project is really interesting because we get to know themes we wanted to know about and things about the world. Sometimes we want to know something but there is not a person that you find that has the perfect information you need. Also sometimes they don’t know the answered of your questions. In this program we had varieties of themes to know about, and each of them had explanative and good information about you wanted to know. Also they gave you the opportunity to write about the theme you wanted, and you were more interested in. you notice that everything is a circle. Inappropriate things that you do, not only affect you and the people surrounding you, it ends up having consequences for the whole world. And the funniest of all is that when you do those inappropriate things you even think in yourself.

Sometimes people are lassie to search for information. Here you have directly, well written, and summarized. I know that a lot of people enjoy this program. We also had really fun doing the video and the whole program. We learn alot with this program and my classmates to.Well in conclusion this was a very helpfull project and really fun!


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